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Curious about how KFC’s chicken is prepared? The KFC Open Kitchen programme is your chance to be a #KFCInsider, get access behind the counter and learn the secrets that goes into the preparation of each piece of our finger lickin’ good chicken.
The KFC Open Kitchen programme gives you exclusive rights to enter our highly guarded kitchen, where our famous Original Recipe chicken is freshly prepared in-store daily! In a group of 5 – 8 people, you will be guided into the kitchen by our KFC restaurant managers to discover Colonel Sander’s unique breading technique, and how his legacy is carried out in every KFC restaurant around the world by well-trained and dedicated cooks. As a #KFCInsider, you will understand the importance of chillers for proper storage of fresh chickens in every KFC kitchen. Your journey wouldn’t be complete without a peek into the supply station, where Zinger Burgers and Cheese Fries are prepared!
At the end of the programme, you will be served with two pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, two sides and a drink.
KFC Open Kitchen will be available in 9 KFC restaurants on every second and third weekend of the month. Each #KFCInsider pass will be priced at $15, which includes a KFC goodie bag and a KFC 2pcs meal.
Didn’t manage to get a slot this month? Come back to this website on the 1st of the following month to view available slots.

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